Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is Blue?

Blue is the tears of salty water.
The sound of crying, sobbing, and squealing in pain.
Smells like fresh raindrops.
Blue feels like there is no hope or relief.
Taste like sour blueberries,
not yet to be ripened.
Blue is the lingering sadness in our hearts,
the starry night of the shining stars.
Blue is suffocating, sometime.
Blue is me.

Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

News exploding, they're calling.
Run away from shore, fly away from Tokyo.
Waves splashing like race car,
"Oh, what to do?", people yelling and crying for help.
House shaking, I curl in a ball.
To be able to survive,
we all must try and go.
Away from the shore, the water rushing.
Looking out, staring into the sea.
It's coming for Tokyo.
It's coming fast.
After decades it happen again.
Tsunami, tsunami, wave rushing in.
It's hitting again.
Destroying homes, buildings, lives, and hope.
People suffocating.
Tokyo, what have we become?

Be Unique

This world, is full of faces.
Different color and tastes.
But you really can't know everybody.
People tend to believe on what they hear and see.
I'm weird and can be funny.
But no one seems to notice.
Kind of innocent, no, everybody lies.
Being judge on everything you do.
But no, they make mistakes too.
Now I'm growing, but very slow.
Wishing one day, I'll glow as bright as the stars I want to be.
Look at the sun, and you'll see me shining.

A Kindergarten Teacher

I'm usually a very stylish teacher,
"Ah" with my long silky hair.
Teachers wear glasses, I don't.
I rock contacts.
Super skinny jeans and sweaters are on the go.
Kids everyday, I see them.
Markers, crayons, papers and toys.
Seeing these kids makes me full of joy.
Book bags pink, black, blue, brown, rainbow.
Textbooks and A.B.Cs.

Sometime I heard a loud scream or cries.
It goes like "Oww" "Wahhh".
As a teacher, that is not a good sign.
If two kids were fighting.
I would come and stopped them.
In class, I always have bars of candy.
If they looked as if they were about to cry,
I gave it to them, and others.
As a teacher, I'm fair.

Every child deserves to have someone,
who believe in them.
I watches them as the light bulb go on,
that's when they got a ideas.
As the light go off,
that's when I know they need me.
Watching them one by one, day by day,
I knew that they will be wonderful.
I am motivated to watch these kid grow up.

In a big circle, we sat.
I read them stories.
They listen quietly.
Kids are easy to deal with.
Some are like bombs
that can explode any minute.
But as long as I give them my attention,
they can be very cute and naive.
Especially when they read to me.
Their cheeks, I want to squeeze.
Teaching and kids, I love.