Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Kindergarten Teacher

I'm usually a very stylish teacher,
"Ah" with my long silky hair.
Teachers wear glasses, I don't.
I rock contacts.
Super skinny jeans and sweaters are on the go.
Kids everyday, I see them.
Markers, crayons, papers and toys.
Seeing these kids makes me full of joy.
Book bags pink, black, blue, brown, rainbow.
Textbooks and A.B.Cs.

Sometime I heard a loud scream or cries.
It goes like "Oww" "Wahhh".
As a teacher, that is not a good sign.
If two kids were fighting.
I would come and stopped them.
In class, I always have bars of candy.
If they looked as if they were about to cry,
I gave it to them, and others.
As a teacher, I'm fair.

Every child deserves to have someone,
who believe in them.
I watches them as the light bulb go on,
that's when they got a ideas.
As the light go off,
that's when I know they need me.
Watching them one by one, day by day,
I knew that they will be wonderful.
I am motivated to watch these kid grow up.

In a big circle, we sat.
I read them stories.
They listen quietly.
Kids are easy to deal with.
Some are like bombs
that can explode any minute.
But as long as I give them my attention,
they can be very cute and naive.
Especially when they read to me.
Their cheeks, I want to squeeze.
Teaching and kids, I love.

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